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Kisan Sockalingam

Number 17

Kabaddi was the first university club that I joined in my freshers week at Imperial. Vinay Gupta and I went to school together - I watched him go off and play in university tournaments whilst we were still doing A-Levels, and from all the tournament videos I saw, it looked like so much fun. His elder brother, Keshav Gupta, was Imperial's Kabaddi Captain at the time, and he was at our A-Level results day when I found out I had got into Imperial. As soon as I told Keshav, he told me that I need to sign up during freshers.

From there, Kabaddi became my main sport even to this day. I trained weekly at university, participated in all the major tournaments, and continued to train after graduation with the Birmingham regional team (my hometown). The people that I would train week-in, week-out with, would go on to represent the England National Team on the international stage.

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